How to Prevent Bubbles and Chromatic Aberration of Colored Ceramic Abrasive Grains?
How to Prevent Bubbles and Chromatic Aberration of Colored Ceramic Abrasive Grains?

How to Prevent Bubbles and Chromatic Aberration of Colored Ceramic Abrasive Grains?

Ⅰ. How to prevent the problem of color ceramic abrasive grains

Colored ceramic abrasive particles are not allowed to have bubbles in the production process. If there is a bubble problem, it means that the production is not in place, so how should we solve the bubble problem? Here's what we all need to do:

1. The corresponding preservation work should be done in the transportation and storage of colored ceramic abrasive particles , and the water content of the pigments, fillers and solvents used should be strictly controlled. In the primer formulation, the use of soluble fillers should be avoided as much as possible, and To use the solvent, it is necessary to coordinate its volatilization balance to prevent excessive solvent residues. In high-humidity environments, use low-penetration binders.

2. Start from every link and detail of the construction of the colored ceramic abrasive grain project. During construction, it is necessary to prevent adverse weather conditions such as high temperature and humidity, and the relative temperature of the surface temperature to be constructed is not higher than 85%. Before construction, if the ceramic abrasive coating encounters rain, condensation, frost and other weather, the After the road is dry, apply the next layer of floor material.

Before construction, the floor material should be diluted and mixed and left for a period of time before painting, especially the two-component floor material should have a certain curing period, so as to prevent uneven mixing and heat caused by reaction and other bubbles.

Pay attention to the thickness of the coating and reduce its water permeability. The surface sampling survey is carried out in the ceramic abrasive particles. If the roughness is too large, it is easy to cause leakage and voids to cause air bubbles.

According to the above methods, choose a suitable environment for construction as much as possible during the construction process, which can effectively prevent the problem of air bubbles in colored ceramic abrasive particles and reduce the generation of air bubbles, so as to improve their quality.

Ⅱ. How to avoid chromatic aberration of colored ceramic abrasive grains?

Ceramic abrasive grains of various colors have various colors. After a period of use and construction, their colors will change, resulting in chromatic aberration. So what can be done to avoid the chromatic aberration? Abrasives factory can try the following methods:

1. For the production of colored ceramic abrasive particles, different colors should be selected for production. Sometimes during the production process, the pigment distribution of some ceramic abrasive particles is not uniform enough, which may cause the color to fade after a long time.

2. During the construction process, colored non-slip cementitious materials and ceramic abrasive grains are used, and some inferior cementitious materials will also affect the overall appearance of the ceramic abrasive grains.

3. The colored ceramic abrasive grains with high acid value should not be packed in iron barrels. The cleaning with high acid value is likely to have a chemical reaction with iron packaging barrels, resulting in lower clarity and darker color.

4. Before construction, due to the long-term standing of the cementitious material, there may be pigments of different weights that gradually sink. During the construction process, the lack of sufficient stirring will also cause color difference after construction.

When purchasing colored ceramic abrasive grains, we often look at their color. If the ceramic abrasive grains with brighter color and lustre are often preferred, we need to choose suitable materials to reduce the color difference and avoid the occurrence of color difference.