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RIKEN ABRASIVES is a premier supplier of bulk abrasives products. We commit to providing the highest quality abrasives products and services. RIKEN ABRASIVES /RMC ABRASIVES offers powerful, precise and user-friendly solutions to our customers. Our complete abrasives product portfolio enables our customers to shape and finish various types of workpieces for every step of the abrasive process.

Generally, abrasives products stocks a wide range of abrasives. RIKEN ABRASIVES supplies a variety of abrasives for sale, including waterproof abrasive paper, stearated abrasive paper, sand paper roll, abrasive cloth, abrasive net and so on. You may browse the following abrasive products for more information. 

Our aim is to provide cheap abrasives with high quality. We have rich experience in the industry of abrasives products. We'd like to help you find the right abrasive product that is best for your process!

Abrasive Products for Sale

Buy Bulk Abrasives from RIKEN ABRASIVES

For any painting or construction project, our work can’t be done without sanding. Therefore, it is important to find the right abrasives products or sandpaper to be applied to a wide range of work.

RIKEN ABRASIVES has a variety of abrasives for sale, which can be used in different situations and meet different purposes of the users. Our bulk abrasives are made carefully to ensure the best result of your work. Whatever the job you do - sanding, polishing, refining, or even fine processing work, we are sure to provide you with a good solution. We stock a comprehensive collection of abrasive products to get your job started.

If you still have any questions, please contact us via rm3@rikenmt.com or call us at +86-533-7868013.