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Abrasive Film

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The film backing is waterproof and oil resistant, polyester film isn't easy to be damaged and the surface is more smooth. For the concave and convex surface, the abrasive film will have a good job. Sandpaper films can supply the fine work surface and be folded to any shape, no broken. Using the special resin and advanced electrostatic sand planting process assures the grain is strewed evenly and bonded on the film strongly, which supply the excellent working surface and good sand performance. The special no-fil coating effectively prevents dust bonding during the sanding process and extends the service life.


RIKEN RMC abrasive lapping film is widely used in aluminum alloy parts in the electronic field. The diamond lapping film sheets is also used for wet and dry sanding in automotive after service market. Sandpaper films will be converted into disc and strip with multi holes or without holes. Sometimes, it can be folded to hand usage.

Abrasive Film Products

Brief Introduction of Diamond Lapping Film

Thanks to the smooth surface, the abrasive film can be used to produce P3000. The abrasive lapping film sheets can be used wet and dry too. The above advantages make the abrasive film has more and more popular application. For customers, no need to prepare several types of stock for different applications.


Now we also use ceramic grain on the psa diamond film, which improves abrasive life very well. At the same time, we also use the special resin to assure ceramic grain can be attached to the lapping film very well. At present, we can supply the high temperature treated Alo grain and ceramic grain film. The color has blue, green and purple. RIKEN RMC abrasive film can meet customers' all kinds of requirements. Lapping film 261x is one of the most popular products.


With industry development, more and more customers like to choose abrasive film finished products. In the near future, only abrasive film can meet high-quality demand. Choose RIKEN RMC abrasive film is the future tendency.