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Through the special process, the grain is strewed to the abrasive net with loop very well, the grain is treated by our special technology, which makes the grain is sharper and has a longer life. Since the special sanding net structure with loop, no need to laminate velcro cloth again, it can be converted into the shape which customers need. The loop is one special fiber, it assures the final disc or strip can be attached on the pad tightly. The sand surface is covered with an anti-static and no-fil stearate coating, it can prevent clogged very well.

Taking advantage of the net hole, combined with a self-cleaning polishing pad, when sand using the net abrasives, it can achieve dust-free effect during polishing, effectively reducing the health hazard caused by the floating of harmful microparticles, the abrasive net keep the clean environment for the operators. The special structure effectively prevents blocking and agglomeration. It extends the abrasive net service life. Since the net structure of abrasives, when installing on the pad, no need to make sure the disc hole position is exactly the same with the pad hole, save the working time.

Abrasive Net Wholesale

RIKEN Abrasives - Your Reliable Abrasive Net Supplier

RIKEN RMC abrasive net is widely used in automobile, ship, aircraft, construction and other industries of putty, paint and other processes of dust-free sanding. After sanding by the abrasive net, the work surface is more smooth and beautiful. No dust is left on the work surface.

RIKEN RMC abrasive net has full grits from P60 to P800, sand disc and strip can be supplied. The shape can be ordered according to the customer's demand also. Good dust-free effect and long grinding life is the advantage of abrasive net.

RIKEN RMC net factory pays more attention to the health and environment protection, now more and more people have chosen abrasive net. Sincerely wish RIKEN RMC net can give you good work condition in the near future.

If you are looking for a reliable abrasive net supplier, Riken Abrasives can meet your requirements. Riken Abrasives has years of experience in sanding net production and also has an abrasive net factory in China. Please contact us through rm3@rikenmt.com today!