FEATURED ABRASIVES PRODUCTS RMC Riken Abrasive Factory from China
  • Abrasive NET
    Through the special process, the grain is strewed to the abrasive net with loop very well, the grain is treated by our special technology, which makes the grain is sharper and has a longer life.
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  • Abrasive Film
    The film backing is waterproof and oil resistant, polyester film isn't easy to be damaged and the surface is more smooth. For the concave and convex surface, the abrasive film will have a good job. It can supply the fine work surface and be folded to any shape, no broken.
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  • Velcro Disc, PSA Disc
    Velcro disc (commonly known as: hook and loop sanding disc) are made of abrasive paper, abrasive cloth, abrasive film bonded with Velcro by resin.
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  • Stearated Abrasive Paper
    RMC & Riken Stearated abrasive paper sheet is made by well-chosen grain with special static planting craft, high-quality backing paper, and synthetic resin, anti-static and anti-blocking super coatings on its surface by special techniques.
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  • Waterproof Abrasive Paper
    Silicon carbide is bonded to high-grade water-resistant paper base by Water-resistant adhesive in the procession of electrostatic sand-planting. then cured at a high temperature.
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  • Flap Discs
    Flap discs offer right angle grinding versatility with a product that can grind and finish in a single operation. The abrasive flaps adhere to a rigid backing plate. It is the back plate that provides stability during operation with cooler cut, less vibration and smoother finish without gouging.
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ZIBO RIKEN MT COATED ABRASIVES CO., LTD. is invested by RIKEN CORUNDUM CO., LTD. in Japan, LUXIN VENTURE INVESTMENT GROUP CO., LTD., and ZIBO ZHONGLI ABRASIVES CO., LTD. It is the first joint-venture in the coated abrasives industry of China. 

Now we have eight developed world level production lines, automatic warehouse, R&D lab, and application lab installed with an electro microscope, thermal pyrolysis chromatograph and other high-tech test instruments, which assure the stable quality and supply the effective service to our customers. 

Both cherishing resources and continuously reducing the harmful environmental impact is rooted in our development concept. We continue to use environment protected technology and renewable resources to make products. Our company complies with environmental laws and regulations, pays attention to the environment protection, and is committed to working.

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RMC Riken Abrasive Supplier
Featured Applications for Abrasives Products
  • Construction Construction

    Riken Abrasives provides a wide range of abrasive sandpapers to be used for construction. Different types of sand cloth can be chosen to meet our customers' needs. 

  • Automotive Automotive

    Riken Abrasives supplies a series of high-quality abrasive paper for sanding and polishing of automotive products, including waterproof abrasive paper series, stearated abrasive paper series, ceramic grains, etc. These abrasives products help achieve beautiful finishing without deep scratches.

  • Coatings and Composites Coatings and Composites
    Coatings and Composites

    Riken Abrasives supplies a wide range of abrasive paper for application in coating and composite industry. These abrasive papers can be used in edge cutting, deburring, surface sanding and polishing as you need.


    Riken Abrasives produces a wide range of abrasive paper products. We works to satisfy our customers' needs for DIY market products. What we supply can be used at home or working places. 

  • Metal working Metal working
    Metal working

    Riken Abrasives supplies different types of abrasive papers for different use. We provide high-quality and long-last abrasive sandpaper films for deburring, removal paint, rust, discoloration, welding preparation, surface treatment, etc.

  • Precision Polish Precision Polish
    Precision Polish

    Riken Abrasives provides a variety of bulk abrasives and customized service is also available. We can optimize your precision polishing to meet your demands.

  • Wood Working Wood Working
    Wood Working

    Abrasive sandpapers are widely used in wood working. Riken Abrasive provides you with bulk abrasives, inculding waterproof abrasive paper, abrasive film, etc.  You can choose the abrasive film type that best suits your needs.

RMC Riken Abrasive Company from China
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