Velcro Disc, PSA Disc

Velcro Disc, PSA Disc

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Riken and RMC velcro backed sanding discs or velcro backed sanding pads (commonly known as hook and loop sanding disc) & PSA disc are made of abrasive paper, abrasive cloth, abrasive film and so on, bonded with Velcro, paper or film by resin. Velcro disc & PSA disc have a width application range, they can be used for grinding the wood, metal, lacquer, paint, plastic, auto repair, auto manufacture, aluminum alloy and so on. Generally speaking, velcro abrasive is made by three parts, abrasive paper, backing cloth or film or paper, resin, Velcro backing. Velcro discs are fitted to suitable backing pads and used on Pneumatic tools.


The safety requirements applicable to Velcro disc and PSA discs and the wide velcro sheets are laid down in the EN 13743 standard.

Velcro Backed Sanding Discs Products

Application of Velcro Sanding Discs

As they can be combined with a wide range of grain types and backing pad versions, Velcro discs and PSA discs have an extensive scope of applications ranging from rough machining to finish grinding of surfaces. The benefits of velcro abrasive discs and PSA abrasives rolls, resulting in excellent adaptability, a fine and uniform scratch pattern  (compared to grinding discs), first and foremost is their more affordable price. So they are widely used in many fields.

According to the abrasives grain, Velcro disc& PSA disc include Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide, Zirconia, Ceramic and so on.


The size of Velcro disc& PSA sandpaper discs includes 4 inch, 4.5 inch, 5 inches (125mm,127mm), 6 inch(150mm,152mm), 7 inch, 8 inch, 9 inch and so on.


The grit size of Velcro abrasive & PSA disc is0 P40-P3000. The most popular grit is P80, P120, P150, P180, P220, P240, P320, P400.


The hole pattern of RIKEN and RMC Velcro sandpaper discs or velcro sandpaper roll (hook and loop sanding disc), pls check the followings, and other patterns can also be made by your requirement.

Riken Abrasives has wholesale sanding discs and PSA abrasive discs. To know more information, please contact our professional sales team at rm3@rikenmt.com