What is a Flap Disc and Its Main Uses?
What is a Flap Disc and Its Main Uses?

What is a Flap Disc and Its Main Uses?

1. What is a flap disc?

What is a flap disc? In fact, the flap disc is also called the flat emery cloth wheel or the louver. It is composed of multiple emery cloth sheets glued to the disc in a fan-shaped superimposed arrangement. The bonding angle of each emery cloth on the disc plane is 10 °to 30°.

The flap disc is the best abrasive product for metal and non-metal surface treatment. The flap discs generally have 36 pages, 56 pages, 72 pages, 80 pages, etc., and the grain size is generally between 40#-320#, and the materials include brown corundum, zirconium corundum, silicon carbide, etc.

2. What are the main uses of flap discs?

The flap disc can be used for various surface derusting, paint removal, deburring, and welding seams of metal and non-metal materials in shipbuilding, automobile, aviation, machinery, instrumentation, bridge and construction industry and furniture.

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