What is a Disc Sander
What is a Disc Sander

What is a Disc Sander

1. What is a disc sander

Disc sander is a kind of equipment used to sand wood, metal, plastic and other materials.

2. Detailed introduction of the disc sander

Unlike small hand-held sanders, disc sanders are usually installed on the workbench. Driven by a motor, the sander usually sprays glue on the disc with fast speed.

There are many ways to quickly remove the glue on the abrasive disc. Disc sander is usually equipped with a medium-thick sandpaper. This allows the sander to quickly remove large amounts of materials.

Since the disc surface is circular, the material removal speed of the disc sander can be changed by positioning the material at different positions. The closer the material is to the center of the disc, the faster the sanding speed. You must be very careful not to burn the material because it is sanded at such a high speed.

Many disc sanders are manufactured as a combination of disc and belt sanders. The hand-held disc sander is a random orbital or oscillating orbital sander. This type of sander uses a disc, but the disc is operated by a constantly changing rectangular rotation.

Many desktop-mounted disc sanders are equipped with tilting tables. This workbench option allows the operator to sharpen the angle on the workpiece by simply changing the tilt angle of the workbench.