What Are the Common Materials Used for Grinding and Polishing?
What Are the Common Materials Used for Grinding and Polishing?

What Are the Common Materials Used for Grinding and Polishing?

Abrasive materials and their main applications

Abrasive materials are substances used for polishing various materials, including but not limited to glass, metal, stainless steel, furniture, leather, semiconductors, plastics, gems, jade, and stainless steel grinding and polishing.

Types of abrasive materials

Abrasive materials are materials used for grinding and polishing objects. For example, automotive shells, wheels, engines, rocker arms, and brakes. There are many types of grinding and polishing materials used in daily life. However, so far in the market, only five types are the most commonly used. They have different characteristics when used in different environments. Consumers only need to choose the abrasive materials that are suitable for them to fully utilize the product's functional characteristics.

Polishing and machine

It is made by a special method, has low wear, saves attachments and is economical. In order to improve the elasticity and polishing effect, resin processing can be added. It is especially suitable for processing surface roughness of stainless steel, tin, aluminum, and other products. It is best used on automatic polishing machines with high working efficiency. In order to improve cutting force, resin processing can be added to the hemp wheel.

Wind wheel

The high-density pure cotton raw materials are cut into 45-degree angles and punched by the machine to make them fine and wear-resistant. When the wave-shaped fan gaps are in contact with adjacent pages, they produce heat during high-speed rotation. The heat generated by the polishing is dissipated through the wave-shaped fan gaps, avoiding burning of the workpiece. With white wax or green wax, it can achieve a super mirror effect.

Cloth hemp wheel

This product uses sword hemp and cotton cloth together to make it. It is suitable for deep processing and surface polishing of various coarse metal products such as steel, copper, and cast iron.

White cloth wheel

Using imported cloth as raw material and implementing automated production operations, the white cloth wheel produced is not only heat-resistant and durable compared to similar products, but also has a better brightness and smoothness when removing spiral lines.

Oil millwheel

The oil mill wheel is made of hemp as raw material, and is pressed by sword hemp and dried after soaking in tung oil. It is hard, sharp, and has strong cutting force. It is suitable for polishing stainless steel pipes, as well as stainless steel workpieces and alloy workpieces.

The types of grinding and polishing materials mainly include cloth hemp wheels, wind wheels, polishing hemp wheels, white cloth wheels, and oil mill wheels. With the introduction of abrasive materials in production, many products are now more proficient in production and processing. From the essence of product performance, in the use process of the abrasive, when the abrasive becomes dull, the abrasive particles itself partially break or the binder breaks. The abrasive falls off the abrasive tool partially or completely, and new cutting edges or sharp abrasive particles constantly appear on the abrasive tool working surface, allowing the abrasive to maintain cutting performance for a certain period of time.