Three Elements of Abrasive Materials
Three Elements of Abrasive Materials

Three Elements of Abrasive Materials

I often hear many customers report to the abrasive factory that when the abrasive materials are polished, they find that the product parts are not bright enough, there is blackening, and there is a possibility of being beaten. The grinding machine itself is formed.

1. Grinding media for abrasive materials

Grinding media include grinding stones, polishing stones, abrasives, gloss agents and other grinding and polishing materials, each of which has its own application range, such as plastic grinding stones for softer materials.

Such as aluminum, zinc, copper, plastic, etc.; ceramic grinding stones are used for abrasive materials with hard materials, such as iron, stainless steel, white iron, steel, etc.;

Parts made of iron need to use iron gloss, parts made of copper need to use copper gloss, and hand tool cutting agent is used for all kinds of wrenches, sockets, leather goods, black film removal, and scale removal , if used for other parts, it may corrode and destroy the parts.

2. The workpiece of abrasive materials

Abrasive material parts of different materials, parts with different specifications, and parts with different requirements also require different machines and grinding media.

For example, the die-cast zinc alloy parts need to be descaled, and resin abrasive materials should be used; while the stamped stainless steel parts need to be sharpened and deburred, then the medium corundum grinding stone with large cutting force should be used.

3. Machines for abrasive materials

In surface treatment, the commonly used machines are vibratory finishing machines, drum finishing machines, centrifugal grinders, and eddy current finishing machines, among which vibration finishing machines and drum finishing machines are widely used.

The vibrating finishing machine is easy to operate and is used for the processing of small, medium and large batches of various parts; abrasive materials. The drum polishing machine is an economical grinding and polishing machine.

During the operation, the parts and the grinding medium rotate horizontally in the closed drum, and the speed is relatively slow. It is often used for small-sized and thin parts, especially those with larger planes. It is easy to overlap when using vibrating finishing machine. More suitable for roller finishing machine.

Centrifugal grinding machine is actually a high-speed abrasive material drum-type finishing machine. It is generally driven by a large plate (there are also two for small machines) centrifugal polishing buckets rotate at high speed, with large friction and good polishing effect. Small parts that are not easy to be processed by decoration machines and roller finishing machines.

The eddy current machine is also a high-speed polishing machine. It rotates through the chassis to form a strong over-current friction movement, which is used for deburring, deburring and polishing of small parts.

The above is a brief introduction to the three elements of abrasive materials. In general, only by fully understanding the performance and characteristics of the three elements of abrasive materials can they be effectively matched and achieve a multiplier effect. Welcome to telephone consultation.