The Use of Silicon Carbide Abrasive
The Use of Silicon Carbide Abrasive

The Use of Silicon Carbide Abrasive

We must first have a general understanding of it before buying any item, and then compare with similar products. In order to enable you to choose the products you need faster when buying products, RMC ABRASIVE gives you a brief overview of the use of silicon carbide abrasives.

1. Sintered powder

β-Sic has very broad application prospects in the market of advanced structural ceramics, functional ceramics and advanced refractories. Adding 3-Sic to the boron carbide ceramic coating can reduce the sintering temperature and improve the toughness of the product, thereby greatly improving the performance of the boron carbide ceramic.

2. Electronic materials

As a semiconducting material, β-Sic is several times higher than a-Sic. The anti-corona effect of the generator after adding β-Sic is very obvious, and it also has good wear resistance and high temperature resistance. Electronic packaging materials, heaters, heat exchangers, etc. made of β-Sic have high thermal shock resistance, good thermal conductivity, and product performance is better than other materials.

3. Special coating

Because β-Sic silicon carbide powder has a diamond structure, it has the characteristics of super wear resistance, corrosion resistance, super thermal conductivity, and low expansion retention, so it has a good application in special coatings.

4. Grinding and polishing materials

As a precision grinding and polishing material, β-Sic silicon carbide has a much higher grinding efficiency than white corundum and a-Sic, and it can greatly improve the product finish, so silicon carbide abrasive has wide applications. Whetstones and grinding discs made of white corundum are widely used in the stainless steel grinding industry, and their polishing performance is relatively high, and the product life is short; while the grinding materials made of B-Sic have advantages of high smoothness, strong grinding power and long life.

5. High-grade special additives

The addition of β-Sic silicon carbide powder to polymer composite materials and metal materials can greatly improve its thermal conductivity, reduce expansion coefficient, increase wear resistance, etc., and because the specific gravity of B-Sic is small, it does not affect the weight of the material structure.

6. C powder additives

After adding β-Sic silicon carbide powder to C powder for copiers, the fluidity and adhesion will be significantly improved, and the addition amount is generally about 5% to achieve good results.

The above is a brief description of the main applications of silicon carbide micropowder made by RMC ABRASIVE, I hope it can be helpful to you.