The Role and Technology of Ceramic Abrasive
The Role and Technology of Ceramic Abrasive

The Role and Technology of Ceramic Abrasive

Ceramic abrasive grain is a new type of pavement material widely used by enterprises in recent years. It is made from main raw materials such as kaolin, feldspar, and clay, and added with inorganic high-temperature colorants, which are then fired at high temperatures. The colors available include red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, purple, brown, white, and more.

It has the characteristics of anti-slip, wear resistance, environmental protection, corrosion resistance, low water absorption, bright colors, beauty, strong usage, high hardness, long service life, and more. Today, ceramic abrasive grain has been recognized by more and more people.

It is a new material that changes the quality of roads to ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles. There are four methods to process ceramic abrasive grain. Specifically, let us introduce the role and process of ceramic abrasive grain.


Construction process of ceramic abrasive grain


  • Hot mixed color asphalt concrete.

  • Ceramic abrasive grain, color micro-surface, and color slurry seal.

  • Spray color material on the surface of ceramic abrasive grain, and then seal the crushed stone.

Role of ceramic abrasive grain


  • The principle of reducing traffic accidents is to add wear-resistant ceramic abrasive grain to the paving material, which forms protrusions on the surface of the hard material, effectively increasing the skid resistance of the color pavement. The wet skid resistance of the ordinary pavement is 45 bpn, while that of the newly laid wet skid resistance of ceramic abrasive grain is 78 bpn. After vehicle wear, the wet skid resistance can still reach 76 bpn, which is 68% higher than that of ordinary pavement.


  • Ceramic abrasive grain paving forms a 5 mm convex surface layer on the original road surface, which makes the vehicle vibrate lightly when passing through it, reminding the driver to slow down.

  • By strongly contrasting with road colors, ceramic abrasive grains visually impact drivers and improve their attention, making them take good deceleration measures. Ceramic abrasive grain has bright colors, uniformity, strong ultraviolet resistance, no fading, and long service life.

Main applications of ceramic abrasive grain


  • New pavement materials, markings.

  • New radiation-free landscape planning.

  • Ceramic abrasive grain used for wall beauty body.

  • Substrate for indoor potted plant cultivation.

  • Application for aquarium beautification.

  • Colorization of road surfaces in squares, parks, shopping streets, hotels, schools, and other locations.

Ceramic abrasive grains were once an obscure term, but not anymore. Ceramic abrasive grain has become a way of paving roads and beautifying cities, with many useful technologies. Its application makes road traffic safer and has reduced many traffic accidents. Our product is widely used in high-speed highways, airports, airport runways, train stations, subways, bus stations, parking lots, parks, squares, schools, hotels, and office buildings' road paving and marking. The ceramic abrasive grain product is the primary choice of new materials for constructing landscape cities, landscape communities, and beautifying the urban environment in the current market.