The Contribution of Sponge Sanding Pads to Mankind
The Contribution of Sponge Sanding Pads to Mankind

The Contribution of Sponge Sanding Pads to Mankind

1. Classification of the sanding pads

At present, the sanding pad widely used for grinding and polishing is mainly divided into: ordinary sanding pad with paper as the base material; sponge sanding pads with sponge as the base material, which is also called "foam sanding pad"; and film sanding pad with film as the base material.

Among them, sponge sanding pads are the most widely used and has the largest market share.

2. The use of sponge sanding pads

Sponge sanding pads are a high-end product among the abrasive products. With special sponge as the base material, it is made of emery, high temperature silicon carbide, white corundum and other abrasives, using unique synthetic resin glue + electrostatic sand planting and other technologies.

Sponge sanding pads have strong grinding force and wear resistance, unique cutting force, and its soft sponge body can effectively alleviate the friction between sand particles and the product surface, so as to avoid the sand particles from scratching the product.

The electrostatic sand planting technology also ensures that sand grains of various sizes are evenly arranged on the soft sponge body, and there is no coarse sand, which effectively repairs the scratches produced at the initial stage of sanding. The unique diamond sand sponge formula makes the sanding more durable. Whether your product is uneven or scratched, sponge sanding pads can make your product achieve a mirror effect.

Sponge sanding pads are mainly involved in the following fields: digital cameras, notebook computer shells, high-end mobile phones, 3G mobile phone shells, PCABSPC+ABS and other materials, high-end watch cases, straps and other high-end fields.