Stacked Abrasive Belt: The Glittering Stars in Coated Abrasive Tools
Stacked Abrasive Belt: The Glittering Stars in Coated Abrasive Tools

Stacked Abrasive Belt: The Glittering Stars in Coated Abrasive Tools

Stacked abrasive cloth is made by bonding stacked abrasive with organic polymer binder and related materials on a cloth substrate, and converting it into abrasive belt is stacked abrasive belt, which is a new type of abrasive tool. It has the advantages of high grinding efficiency, stable grinding performance, good grinding accuracy and long service life, and can meet the grinding, surface drawing and polishing of various stainless steel, titanium alloys and other metals, which is a new type of flexible abrasive tool. Its application will be increasingly widespread.

Stacked abrasive belt is a special form of abrasive tool. It is tensioned by a tensioning mechanism, driven by a driving wheel at high speed, and under a certain pressure, the stacked abrasive belt contacts with the surface of the workpiece to realize the entire grinding process. Stacked abrasive belt grinding is a cumulative effect of the micro-cutting tool of high-speed moving "micro-edge" grinding grains. The grinding performance is mainly manifested in the following aspects.

Abrasive belt grinding is elastic contact grinding

Abrasive belt grinding is the squeezing action of abrasive particles on the workpiece surface, which causes plastic deformation, cold hardening layer changes and surface tearing, as well as comprehensive effects such as temperature rise of contact points due to friction, and thermal plastic flow. Therefore, from this point of view, abrasive belt grinding has multiple functions of grinding, polishing and polishing. This is also the reason why abrasive belt grinding has good surface quality. On the other hand, due to the elastic grinding characteristics of the abrasive belt, the length of contact between the abrasive belt and the workpiece in the grinding area is longer than that of the grinding wheel, and more abrasive grains participate in grinding. The load on each abrasive grain is small and uniform, and the abrasive grain is less prone to breakage, which makes the wear of the entire abrasive belt smaller.

Stacked abrasive belt is not easy to clog

The stacked abrasive belt has a sufficiently large gap between the abrasive particles, and the chips can be directly taken away at any time, which rarely remains on the surface of the abrasive belt to cause clogging, and will not increase frictional heating and maintain a low temperature in the grinding area.

Stacked abrasive belt has good heat dissipation performance

The circumference of the abrasive belt is long, so the abrasive belt has a good heat dissipation area when grinding, and through the oscillation of the suspended part of the abrasive belt during operation without contact with the contact wheel, tensioning wheel, pressure grinding plate and other parts, the debris adhering to the abrasive belt is naturally shaken off, further reducing the filling of abrasive grains and frictional heating. This is also another reason why abrasive belt grinding has low temperature.

Stacked abrasive belt has good self-sharpness

Due to the fact that the surface particles of the stacked abrasive belt are many uniformly sized abrasive particles bonded together to form a large particle suitable for the required abrasive particle, the dull abrasive particles in the grinding process constantly fall off under the action of centrifugal force (which differs from the fixed abrasive tool, such as grinding wheel) to reveal new abrasive particles (which differs from the ordinary abrasive belt), thus ensuring stable work.

Stacked abrasive belt is suitable for automatic CNC grinder

With the improvement of automation level, there are more and more CNC grinders. Because the traditional single-layer abrasive belt has poor stability of surface quality during use and frequent replacement of abrasive belts, the advantages of CNC grinder cannot be exerted, and stacked abrasive belt is fully suited for the use of CNC grinder, while reducing the labor intensity of operators.

Stacked abrasive belt has an extremely long service life

Ordinary abrasive belts are single-layer sanding, and their service life is generally short. The entire abrasive belt is scrapped as the single-layer abrasive is consumed. However, in the grinding process of the stacked abrasive belt, the dull abrasive particles constantly fall off under the action of centrifugal force, and the number of abrasive particles is several times or even dozens of times that of the single-layer abrasive belt, so its service life is several times or even tens of times that of the single-layer abrasive belt.

Stacked abrasive belt has good surface quality and stability

Traditional abrasive belts have a significant difference in the shape of abrasive particles in the initial state, intermediate state and end state of the grinding force due to the single-layer abrasive particle grinding, which causes a great difference in the surface quality of the workpiece. In addition, when grinding large-sized workpieces, a single-layer abrasive belt cannot grind the entire workpiece well, and replacing the abrasive belt causes serious inconsistencies in the surface texture at the joint. However, stacked abrasive belt can grind the entire workpiece with a single belt, so the surface texture consistency is particularly good.