Safety Precautions for Flap Wheels Use
Safety Precautions for Flap Wheels Use

Safety Precautions for Flap Wheels Use

Flap wheel is one of the most commonly used machinery and equipment in machinery factories. Whether Flap wheel is used correctly or not, and whether it conforms to the safety operating rules, these problems are directly related to the personal safety of every employee. Therefore, we must pay enough attention to practical use. So what do we need to pay attention to?

1. To preserve it, it must avoid degeneration or collision. It should not be exposed to dampness and heat.

2. Use it according to its grinding wheel speed specifications. Speed exceeding is strictly prohibited.

3. Select sandpaper wheel with appropriate specifications according to the conditions of use. See whether there are cracks in front of use, and do audio experiments; if the voice is hoarse, do not use it.

4. Do not knock or change the size of the hole, and do not tighten the screw cap too tightly.

5. The position of the support should be appropriate, and the distance between the grinding surface and the grinding wheel should not be greater than 3 mm.

6. Please install a protective shield to prevent the flap wheels from bursting and injuring.

7. The distance between the shield tongue plate and the grinding wheel shall not exceed 6 mm, and the angle shall be appropriate.

8. The newly installed or grinding wheels that have not been used in a long time shall idle for more than three minutes at working speed in the protective cover; do not stand in front of the grinding wheel when the grinding wheel starts.

9. Do not grind on the side of straight flap wheels; do not overpress the work on the grinding wheel; do not grind materials of unsuitable nature; turn off the coolant before stopping use to avoid unbalance of the grinding wheel.

10. In grinding, if the grinding wheel is stuffed or unsteady, it will not work well and easily overheat, please sharpen it immediately; when it is unbalanced, it will be easy to weigh and strike, please correct it immediately.

11. The machine foundation should be strong, bearings should be suitable and lubrication should be good.

12. Attention should be paid to protecting eyes and respiratory organs during grinding.