Maintenance of the Abrasive Belt
Maintenance of the Abrasive Belt

Maintenance of the Abrasive Belt

Ⅰ. Storage of abrasive belts

The storage of the abrasive belt is very critical to the use of the abrasive belt, especially for the wide belt. Ideal storage conditions and reasonable storage methods can ensure that the abrasive belt is used in the state.

1. Temperature and humidity requirements

The abrasive belt should not be stored in places with large changes in temperature and humidity. The ideal temperature for storage of the abrasive belt is: 18-220C; the ideal humidity is: 40-65%. If the temperature is too high, the binder will be aged and the abrasive belt will be reduced. Long service life; synthetic fiber matrix belts (such as polyester cloth sanding belts) are sensitive to cold and cannot be stored in cold warehouses.

Too high or too low humidity will cause a certain deformation of the abrasive belt, and the deformation will reduce the bonding strength of the abrasive layer of the abrasive belt. In particular, excessive humidity has a serious impact on the sand belt.

In addition to water-resistant abrasive belts, generally cloth sanding belts are used after being damp, and the abrasive belts are prone to be folded, wrinkled, etc., and the abrasive belts are scrapped; Reduce the service life of the abrasive belt. High temperature and low humidity have a great influence on the paper abrasive belt, making the paper abrasive belt brittle and easy to break and scrap when used.

2. Storage

The warehouse where the abrasive belt is stored should be cool, dry and ventilated; the abrasive belt should be placed on the cargo rack, not on the ground; the cargo rack should be kept at a distance of about 200-500mm from the ground and wall, and at the same time, it should be avoided close to heat dissipation and drainage;

Try not to open the box for unused abrasive belts. Heavy objects should not be stacked on the belt packing box to avoid creases and cracks on the belt.

Ⅱ. Treatment of abrasive belt before use

The storage of the abrasive belt is important, but if the abrasive belt cannot be properly treated before use, it will still seriously affect its performance.

1. Suspension of abrasive belt

The abrasive belt should be hung for at least 2-5 days before use, the purpose is to eliminate the curling of the abrasive belt caused by packaging.

Hang the unpacked abrasive belt on a 100-200mm diameter pipe or on a special belt support frame. The length of the pipe should be greater than the width of the abrasive belt, otherwise the abrasive belt will easily fall off or produce a bell mouth; the pipe should be in a horizontal state, otherwise the edge of the abrasive belt will be easily damaged.

The ambient temperature and humidity of hanging cloth sanding belts should meet the storage conditions of the abrasive belt. The simple solution is to keep it dry with several 40W or 64W light bulbs in a sealed room.

2. Visual inspection

Before using the suspended abrasive belt, the necessary appearance quality inspection should be done to check whether the abrasive belt joint is smooth and firm; whether there are holes, sand lumps, lack of sand, glue spots and wrinkles on the surface of the abrasive belt; whether the edges of the abrasive belt are neat And whether there is a crack, if there is a small crack on the edge, it will not affect the use after cutting (cut into a circular arc).