Influence of Temperature During Construction of Colored Ceramic Abrasive Grains and the Selection of Diameter
Influence of Temperature During Construction of Colored Ceramic Abrasive Grains and the Selection of Diameter

Influence of Temperature During Construction of Colored Ceramic Abrasive Grains and the Selection of Diameter

Ⅰ. Colored ceramic abrasive grains are affected by temperature during construction

Some factors may affect the construction effect of colored ceramic abrasive grains. Especially the temperature, in many construction environments, the temperature is not the same, so it is not difficult to find that the construction effect is not the same, its construction will be affected by the temperature:

1. The temperature is too low: many two-component ceramic abrasive grains are difficult to cure or slow to react in an environment below 5 degrees Celsius, which seriously affects their curing performance.

The coating film dries slowly, and impurities such as dust easily lead to poor decorative effect. Curing too slowly will still affect the performance of the coating, reducing its hardness and wear resistance, directly affecting its service life.

2. The temperature is too high: it will lead to an increase in the consistency and dryness of the ceramic abrasive particles, and in severe cases, explosion and agglomeration will occur. Generally, we will use several methods many times, or choose a diluent with a high boiling point and a slow volatilization.

3. Environmental factors: It is an important condition in construction, because the temperature and humidity of the construction environment are often uncontrollable, so during large-scale construction, abrasive particles often have a great dependence on environmental conditions in abrasives factory.

Ⅱ. How to choose the diameter of colored ceramic abrasive grains

According to the shape and shape of colored ceramic abrasive particles, we know that there are many kinds of diameters, and it can be said that there are various specifications and models.

Although products with different diameters are actually used, there will be no difference, but because ceramic abrasive particles are often used in different industries, and the requirements are different, we must choose its diameter before choosing.

1. The same volume: This means that the volume of the colored ceramic abrasive grain is compared with a ball of the same volume. The diameter of the ball represents the size of the ceramic abrasive particles, that is, the same volume. This aspect is limited to the condition that the volume of abrasive grains can be obtained, which directly corresponds to the mass of abrasive grains and is very useful.

2. The same area: the equivalent diameter of the equal area is an aspect used to represent the particle size by the diameter of the spheres that actually have the same surface area.

Obviously, when the shape of the abrasive particles is simple or relatively regular, the surface area is easy to obtain. However, the shapes of actual ceramic abrasive particles are complex and difficult to obtain directly. In applications, it is generally obtained by indirect methods such as fluid permeation or adsorption.

3. The same settling velocity: When the velocity reaches the limit, the resistance of the spherical particles settled in an infinite range of viscous fluids is entirely caused by the viscous force of the fluid.

At this time, the relationship between sedimentation velocity and sphere diameter can be expressed by the following formula υstk=(ps-pf)xD2/18η where: υstk is the Stokes sedimentation velocity; D is the Stokes diameter; η is the viscosity of the fluid medium ; ps, pf are the densities of colored ceramic abrasive grains and fluid, respectively.

4. Diameter measured under the microscope: The microscope is a means to observe and measure the abrasive particles. The sensitivity of measuring the shape, composition and size of the abrasive particles with a microscope is better than other aspects.

When choosing the diameter of colored ceramic abrasive grains, we can analyze the above factors. Only when the appropriate diameter is selected, can it play its role in different industries, and can play a better anti-skid and decorative effect. It brings better effect to the construction of colored pavement.