How Do We Solve the Problem of Abrasive Belt Fracture?
How Do We Solve the Problem of Abrasive Belt Fracture?

How Do We Solve the Problem of Abrasive Belt Fracture?

It is inevitable that the abrasive belts may break during use. So how do we solve this problem?

1. Loose and cracked joints of abrasive belts: Strengthen the quality control in production to meet the needs of users.

2. Excessive tension of abrasive belts: Adjust the tension until the abrasive belts don't slip under the working load. The smallest tension is the best.

3. Wrinkled abrasive belts or damaged edges because of transporting or installing: The quality of appearance should be checked before installation which should be carried out according to the correct operation mode.

4. Too much working pressure: Reduce the pressure.

5. Deep cutting and the accumulation of friction heat: Reduce cutting depth or feed speed. Use coolant or cooling device.

6. External impurities between the abrasive belts and the rollers or plates: Removing impurities and high-efficiency dust extraction are the best preventive measures.

7. Excessive vibration of abrasive belts: Use low-hardness contact wheels. Check the vibration of the machines or the quality of the abrasive belts.

8. The contact roller or graphite pad is not parallel to the base or the contact roller is tapered: Grind the roller to remove the taper. Re-install it and keep it parallel.

9. The abrasive belt is broken by the limit switch due to the abnormal operation of the machine: Check the equipment (pay special attention to the paper-based abrasive belt).

10. Large difference in thickness or partial overlap of work pieces may cause impact on the abrasive belts: Install protective devices for overlapping plates and oversize parts.

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