Characteristics of the Flap Discs
Characteristics of the Flap Discs

Characteristics of the Flap Discs

1. The uses of the flap disc

Now there are many types of abrasive tools, and the flap disc is also a kind of abrasive tool. The flap disc can also be called a louver wheel or a flat emery cloth wheel. The flap disc is the best abrasive tool for metal and non-metal surface treatment.

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, flap discs are now widely used in shipbuilding, automobiles, aviation, machinery, instrumentation, bridges and other fields. They are used to remove rust and paint.

2. The characteristics of the flap discs

1. The flap discs have strong elasticity and bending strength

2. The flap discs have good self-sharpening and high work efficiency

3. The use of flap discs can improve the quality of abrasive parts

4. The flap discs can finish the grinding of a large amount of parts during use

5. The flap discs have strong wear resistance and long service life

The reason why the flap discs is so widely used is mainly because the flap discs have the characteristics of high bending strength, good self-sharpening performance, large grinding volume, high efficiency, high heat dissipation performance, and high processing efficiency.

The flap discs have many advantages, but when purchasing the flap discs, the user must contact the regular abrasive disc suppliers.