Abrasive Paper for Product Surface Polishing and Its Characteristics
Abrasive Paper for Product Surface Polishing and Its Characteristics

Abrasive Paper for Product Surface Polishing and Its Characteristics

Ⅰ. Main types of sandpaper widely used for grinding and polishing

1. Ordinary sandpaper with paper as the base material.

2. The sponge sandpaper with the sponge body as the base material is also called "foam sandpaper".

3. Film sand with film as base material.

Ⅱ. Ordinary sheet sandpaper and sponge sandpaper

1. Ordinary sheet sandpaper

Ordinary sandpaper uses kraft paper/latex paper as the base material, uses animal glue and synthetic resin glue as adhesives, uses synthetic or natural silicon carbide, brown corundum, white corundum, etc. as abrasives, adopts electrostatic sand planting technology. The adsorption force of the current is used to make each grain of sand evenly arranged on the surface of the paper coated with the adhesive, and to ensure that the size of each grain of sand is equal.

Then use synthetic resin glue to coat the sand grains, and bake at high temperature to ensure that each grain of sand sticks firmly. The most common size in the world is 230*280mm, which is 9*11, so we also call it "sheet sandpaper".

At present, the sandpaper is roughly divided into three categories according to the method of use and the requirements of the product: waterproof sandpaper, dry sandpaper, and wet and dry sandpaper.

According to different product materials and uses, it is mainly used in mobile phone casings, camera casings, notebook computers, watches, watch straps, watch cases, automobiles, high-end yachts, leather, printers, rollers, mahogany furniture, steel rust removal and decoration, walls surface polishing, etc.

2. Sponge sandpaper

Sponge sandpaper is a high-end product among abrasive products. It is made of special sponge as the base material, emery, high-temperature silicon carbide, white corundum and other abrasives, using unique synthetic resin glue, electrostatic sanding and other processes.

Sponge sandpaper is a belt-shaped tool that is bonded to soluble materials such as paper and cloth with abrasive materials for grinding and polishing. The paper tape base is relatively hard, and the sponge sandpaper can produce a high-gloss surface. Paper tape-based sponge sandpaper is used in both fine grinding and superfine grinding.

The cloth tape base has higher strength than the paper tape base, and is less sensitive to temperature and humidity than the paper tape base, and will not lose its stability due to the increase of temperature and humidity. much higher.

The commonly used abrasives in furniture production are alumina, silicon carbide, zirconia, aluminum, garnet, and handmade sandpaper uses glass sand as abrasives. These abrasives have their own characteristics.

Sponge sandpaper has super grinding force and wear resistance, unique cutting force, and soft sponge body can effectively alleviate the surface friction of sand and products, thereby avoiding scratches on products by sand.

The electrostatic sand planting process ensures that the size of each sand particle is evenly arranged on the soft sponge body, and there is no coarse sand, so as to effectively repair the scratches generated in the early stage of product grinding.

The unique emery formula makes the sanding last longer. Whether your product is uneven or scratched, the sponge sandpaper can make your product achieve a mirror finish.