What is Ceramic Abrasive? What Are the Advantages?
What is Ceramic Abrasive? What Are the Advantages?

What is Ceramic Abrasive? What Are the Advantages?

In all kinds of materials, you can always see some magical things that you can understand but don't understand very well. For example, ceramic abrasive, for this material, some friends may know what it is, and it is estimated that most of my friends do not know much about it, so today china abrasive paper supplier Rikenmt will tell you what it is and what advantages it has.

1. Ceramic abrasive is a kind of grinding medium

Ceramic abrasive is actually a grinding medium that many grinding machines need to use, because if the grinding machine is idling, the grinding is very poor, and these media are needed to achieve the grinding effect.

The ceramic type abrasive is a kind of material that is used more frequently in the grinding machinery at present, and many manufacturers still like to use it.

2. The advantages of ceramic abrasives

Advantage 1: Ceramic abrasive has good processing effect

The processing effect of grinding media is actually very good at first, but as the equipment operation time increases, the processing effect becomes poor.

However, ceramic abrasives can always maintain a better processing effect in this regard, because this material can fall off in layers and regularly, so that the entire abrasive has been kept in a relatively sharp state, so as to achieve a better grinding effect.

Advantage 2: Ceramic abrasives can be used for a long time

Although the ceramic abrasive will fall off regularly and regularly, in fact, the ceramic abrasive itself can be used for a very long time. Because it has a relatively large interval of regular shedding, one ceramic abrasive grain can be used for a long time, so it can be used as a whole. time is longer.

Advantage 3: Small loss of ceramic abrasives

The loss of ceramic abrasive is actually relatively small, because its hardness is relatively high, but the surface is relatively smooth and has good elasticity, so while maintaining a high grinding effect, its own loss is relatively small.

Therefore, although the cost of purchasing it will be a little higher, the overall cost performance is much better than other grinding media.

Advantage 4: Ceramic abrasives have good corrosion resistance

The corrosion resistance of ceramics is actually relatively good, so the corrosion resistance of ceramic abrasives is also very good, so it can be used in the grinding of some corrosive materials. For the material itself and abrasive particles won't have much impact.

Ceramic abrasives themselves have good advantages. If there is a need for such materials, you can actually consider them. After all, ceramic abrasives are worth choosing from which aspect.

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