How Do We Prolong the Service Life of Abrasive Belts?
How Do We Prolong the Service Life of Abrasive Belts?

How Do We Prolong the Service Life of Abrasive Belts?

Abrasive belts are needed for both manual grinding and industrial robot grinding. Some knowledge of abrasive belts is helpful for us to make better use of them. The following measures can help us prolong the service life of abrasive belts.

1. Reduce the initial wear of abrasive belt.

Reduce the contact pressure and pre-grind the new belt for a certain time before normal working. This method is also be called trimming.

2. Use grinding aid or grinding fluid.

The main purpose of using grinding aid or grinding fluid is to reduce the friction between abrasive grains and work pieces and to reduce the grinding heat for lower wear rate.

3. Increase the perimeter of abrasive belt to reduce the acting rate.

Under the proper conditions of machine tool and equipment, increase the perimeter properly so that the abrasive belt can be better cooled and the number of abrasive grains involved in grinding can be increased.

4. Properly increase the speed of abrasive belt.

It can not only reduce the surface roughness, but also reduce the crushing and wear of abrasive grains and prolong the service life.

5. Gradually increase the grinding pressure.

After the abrasive belt works normally, gradually increasing the grinding pressure of the abrasive belt can strengthen the grinding process to break the abrasive grains and produce new cutting edges to restore the cutting ability, thus achieving the purpose of prolonging the service life of the abrasive belt.

6. Improve the cutting performance of the abrasive belt.

The cutting performance of classical sand planting belt is better than that of gravity sand planting. By reducing the thickness of binder and density of sand planting, the chip holding space of the abrasive belt is increased and the strength of binder is improved, so the bonding can be firmer.

All these measures can improve the grinding performance of the abrasive belt to a certain extent and prolong the service life.