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What are the Five Types of Abrasive Materials Commonly Used?
What are the Five Types of Abrasive Materials Commonly Used?

What are the Five Types of Abrasive Materials Commonly Used?

There are many kinds of abrasive materials in our daily life. But so far, there are only five types that are most widely circulated on the market. They can show different characteristics under applications in different environment. Consumers can give full play to the functional characteristics of products as long as they choose the abrasive materials suitable for themselves.

1. Linen wheel

It is made with sisal and cotton cloth by rolling. The sharp sisal and the sticky wax of cotton can create special grinding force. It is suitable for deep processing and surface polishing of crude metal products such as steel, copper and cast iron.

2. Wind cloth wheel

It is made of high-density pure cotton grey cloth, which is cut according to the 45-degree weave pattern and stamped by machine. It is fine and wear-resistant. There is a wavy gap between each page. When the cloth wheel rotates at high speed, the high temperature generated by grinding is cooled by the wave gap to avoid burning the work piece. A super mirror effect can be achieved by fine grinding with white wax or green wax.

3. Polishing hemp wheel

It has the characteristics of less wear, saving supplementary material and being economical. In order to improve the elasticity and polishing effect, resin can be added for processing, especially for stainless steel, tin, aluminum and other products with rough surface. It is suitable for automatic polishing machines with high working efficiency. Resin can also be added for processing on hemp wheels in order to improve cutting force.

4. White cloth wheel

It is made of high-grade cloth and high-quality cloth as raw materials, which can implement automatic production operation and has the advantages of temperature resistance and durability. The brightness and smoothness are better in the process of removing the spiral pattern.

5. Oil hemp wheel

It is made of sisal by rolling, which is dried after soaking in tung oil. It is hard and sharp with strong cutting force. It is the best choice for polishing stainless steel pipes because of its hardness and sharpness. It is also suitable for polishing stainless steel work pieces, alloy work pieces, copper work pieces, etc.