Sand Paper Rolls

Sand Paper Rolls

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The abrasive paper roll is coated abrasive, its grains are bonded to the heavyweight paper base by high strength resin in the procession of electrostatic sand-planting. The heavy weight backing paper is high tensile strength, high tear strength, and low elongation. Special-made E-wt backing with high toughness. Not easy to be deformed. Especially suitable for making wide abrasive belts. the heavyweight backing paper is much crisper, The smooth paper surface has much more finest scratches than abrasive cloth when grinding. and the high strength resin can bond the grain tightly which has better cutting efficiency and longer life than abrasive cloth. The special antistatic treatment makes the belt anti-clogging. The low weight paper can improve the flexibility and fine scratches with high tear strength.

Riken Abrasives is one of the most professional sanding rolls suppliers from China. We provide adhesive backed sandpaper rollssilicon carbide sandpaper roll, etc. To buy cheap sandpaper rolls or bulk sandpaper rolls, please contact us through rm3@rikenmt.com!

Its grain includes P40 P60 P80 P100 P120 P150 P180 P220 P240 P280 P360 P400 P600 P800 P1000.it has silicon carbide abrasive paper  and aluminum oxide abrasive paper, RIKEN and RMC brand abrasive paper roll import the kraft backing paper with the high grade grains, The resin has phenolic resin and epoxy resin, Phenolic resin is Hard, wear resistant and suitable price. Suitable for aggressive grinding and mainly used in machine sanding abrasive papers that have requirement of aggressiveness, like dry sanding and belts,etc. Epoxy resin is Expensive, soft but not that tough and wear-resistant. Mainly used in hand sanding abrasive papers that have requirement of softness. Better bonding between the grains and backing due to high-strength resinous bonding. Superior longer life time.

The heavy weight abrasive paper roll is widely used in the fixed thickness sanding of woodwork, furniture, board. And the low-weight abrasive paper roll is widely used in the paint sanding of musical instrument, furniture, wood floor.


RIKEN and RMC brands emery paper roll has better anti-clogging, fine scratch .crisp and longer life. It is the best choice for wood, furniture, board, leather.