1. How about the delivery time?

30 days after getting the prepayment.

2. How about your products quality?

We are the top quality coated abrasive supplier in China and we are the NO. 1 of the imported backing paper in China.

3. Do you have agent in our country?

We have two branches in USA and Vietnam.


No less than 500m per grit and the total quantity no less than 3000m for the same product and charge USD300 printing cost; when it reaches 10000m, we will return the USD300.

No less than 10000pcs per grit and the total quantity no less than 100000pcs for the same product and charge USD300 printing cost.; when it reaches 200000 sheets, we will return the USD300.

5. What properties of the resin affect the quality of the abrasive paper?

At present, the resins used in the abrasive paper are urea resin, phenolic resin, and epoxy resin.

Urea resin: Cheap, low cost, but will get mold after a period of time. Poor strength and wear-resistance.

Phenolic resin: Hard, wear-resistant and suitable price. Suitable for aggressive grinding and mainly used in machine sanding abrasive papers that have a requirement of aggressiveness, like dry sanding and belts, etc.

Epoxy resin: Expensive, soft but not that tough and wear-resistant. Mainly used in hand sanding abrasive papers that have a requirement of softness.

In actual use, there will be a different formula for different workpieces and usages

6. What base paper properties affect the quality of abrasive paper?

①Smoothness of the paper: Base paper smoothness will affect the smoothness of abrasive paper and grinding piece.

②Roughness (WS) of the paper: For paper with good roughness, the resin will be easily taken in during waterproof treatment. The paper will have good strength and waterproofness. The paper will be brittle when it takes too much resin while has poor waterproofness when it takes not enough. Therefore, suitable roughness (WS) is very important.

③ Paper folding endurance and tensile strength: Poor folding endurance and tensile strength will reduce the paper strength. And the base paper will break even if grains are not run out.


7. What properties of the grains affect the quality of abrasive paper?

① Grain types: Different types of grains have different applicability and pertinence. In this case, choosing the right grains is very important. Apply good grains to poor quality material sanding and this might not show the good performance of the good grains. Therefore, to choose the correct and economical grains for the right workpiece is very important.

② Strength of the Grains: The strength of the grains has a huge effect on abrasive cloth and heavy-weight abrasive paper. There are obvious effects on medium and high-density fiberboards. For light-weight abrasive belts and hand-sanding abrasive paper, there are not that many effects.

③ Self-sharpening of the grain: The grain will break itself during working and form a new angle. In this case, it can improve its sharpness. The self-sharpening depends on the variety and processing method of the grains.

④ Grain shape: Grains in acicular or flake shapes will be sharper but not wear-resistant while equivalent shapes not that sharp but wear-resistant.

⑤ Correctness of the grit: The quality of the grains has a great deal with grit. P100 grains are sharper than P120. Normally abrasive paper in grit P120 will use P120 grains. But some factories will use P100 grain. Therefore, judging the quality of the abrasive paper should be on the basis of the same grit.