Technical Requirements for Automatic Abrasive Cloth Production Line
Technical Requirements for Automatic Abrasive Cloth Production Line

Technical Requirements for Automatic Abrasive Cloth Production Line

Abrasive cloth from the original cloth to the production of abrasive cloth, need to go through a number of parts. Therefore, it is a multi-unit speed coordination system. The speed of each part requires strict coordination. According to the process flow, there is generally the following relationship: as long as the speed of one part is unstable, it will not be able to maintain production. The emery cloth is either broken or loosened. If the speed of the whole production line is not stable, the quality of sand cloth can not be guaranteed. Therefore, all parts of the production line are required to keep steady speed. However, in actual operation, there are many disturbing factors that destroy the stability of speed, such as the fluctuation of voltage, frequency, load, temperature and so on. The requirement of automatic control of electric drive is to overcome the influence of these disturbances and ensure the stability of vehicle speed. Different raw materials and different abrasives have different requirements for speed stabilization accuracy, so the requirements for electric drive are also different.

Variable Speed Requirements

When the production line is working normally, the range of speed change due to technological changes is not large, generally only about 10-15%. During production adjustment, if the drying cadres need to crawl at low speed, such as changing large cloth or preheating, the speed will be reduced to about 5 meters per minute, and there is no requirement for steady speed at this time.

Requirements for smooth start

Sand wiring requires smooth start. If the starting is too violent, the mechanical coupling will be twisted off, so the whole system is required to start smoothly, and each part should be able to start and stop independently.

Requirements for Speed Regulation of Each Section

Throughout the production line, the speed of each part is the same, so that tension can be maintained. At the same time, the speed of each part must be adjustable so as to avoid abrasive cloth loosening or tightening and breaking. The speed regulation range of each part is±(10-15%).

Because the sand wiring does not need to start frequently, and the variable speed range (0 m/min-20 m/min) required by the technology, speed regulation and speed stabilization are the main objectives of the system. The required speed range is (0HZ, 10HZ, 20HZ, 30HZ, 40HZ, 50HZ,)