Correct Use of Waterproof Abrasive Paper
Correct Use of Waterproof Abrasive Paper

Correct Use of Waterproof Abrasive Paper

Use of waterproof abrasive sandpaper:

1. Sandpaper model making plays a very important role in eliminating the nozzle of parts, polishing the gap cut off in the runner, and it can also be polished with fine sandpaper to remove the oxide layer and emit the original metallic luster. It has a softer gloss when polished with oil.

2. Water sandpaper is an industrial beautician. The things around us, such as computers, teacups, leather shoes and so on, are inseparable from the shadow of sandpaper. It is precisely because of the use of tools that we have a colorful world. Wood, leather and metal cannot be commodities in themselves and can not be used directly. After cutting, processing, deformation, grinding and so on, they can be used for us. And polishing and grinding process is the key step to achieve commodity perfection. So choose the appropriate waterproof emery paper carefully to achieve perfect surface.

3. Grinding PVC circuit board, mobile phone shell, precision instruments, etc. The grinding particles on the surface of the object are small and the precision is high. Especially precision processing, manual grinding are suitable for paper-based relatively thin, fine gravel, and it can be grinded with water. Dry sandpaper can not be rubbed by water because of its covered gravel and glue.

Characteristics of Waterproof Abrasive Paper

1. The polishing quality is higher than that of ordinary dry sandpaper. When polishing with water, the surface of sandpaper should not be blocked and the service life of sandpaper is long.

2. Water-resistant sandpaper has a wide particle size distribution from P60 to P5000 for products, while the finest dry sandpaper is about P1000. Water sandpaper is especially suitable for fine-grained high-precision polishing.

3. Comparing with other precision abrasive materials, the fine waterproof abrasive paper has higher performance-price ratio and lower price. It can be used in dry grinding and has wide adaptability.