Abrasive Paper-the Soul of Sander
Abrasive Paper-the Soul of Sander

Abrasive Paper-the Soul of Sander

Waterproof abrasive paper, also known as terrazzo pape, is named because it can be sanded in water when it is used. Waterproof sandpaper is a kind of abrasive tool which is made of waterproof paper or treated waterproof paper as matrix, paint or resin as binder and corundum or silicon carbide abrasives firmly adhered to the base. It has two shapes: leaf shape and roll shape.

Its characteristics are:

1. It adopts linkage line production with high efficiency.

2. Because waterproof abrasive paper uses varnish as binder, the drying time is longer, and the hanging drying method is generally adopted.

3. Water-resistant sandpaper generally has finer particle size. The particle size of water sandpaper in China starts from P80, and the fine particle size is connected with the grain aromatics of metallographic sandpaper.

4. Water abrasive sandpaper is usually polished under water-containing conditions, so it has less dust and good working conditions.

According to the abrasive grade:

Brown corundum sandpaper; white corundum sandpaper; silicon carbide abrasive paper; zirconium corundum sandpaper and so on.

According to the binder:

Ordinary binder sandpaper; Resin binder sandpaper.

There are also coarse sandpaper and fine sandpaper.

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